Traffic Tickets

Traffic Ticket Attorney Serving Clients In Newark And Throughout New Jersey

Drivers in New Jersey are forced to navigate poorly designed roads, speed traps and other obstacles to safe driving on a daily basis. No matter how careful a driver is, chances are he or she will wind up with a traffic ticket at some point. Many of these unfortunate drivers will decide to just pay the ticket and move on. They feel like they are too busy to deal with the hassle of fighting it. Others will attempt to argue with the court, and may manage to get a small concession and a slightly better outcome than they would have if they had just paid the fine.

What many drivers fail to realize is that working with a traffic ticket attorney is not nearly as expensive as they imagine, and that hiring an attorney can often get them far better results in traffic court than they ever could get on their own. They think they are being practical by not hiring an attorney, when in fact they are putting an unnecessary burden on themselves.

Attorney David L. Soffer works with clients in Newark and throughout the state of New Jersey, helping them to get better results from their interactions with the state and traffic court. He uses his considerable experience to argue effectively on behalf of his clients, and is often able to get charges reduced or dropped altogether in the process.

If you have received a ticket for any traffic infraction, including speeding, improper passing, driving without insurance, careless driving, reckless driving, passing a stopped school bus or driving with a suspended license, please contact attorney David L. Soffer today. You can take advantage of a free consultation, where you can discuss your circumstances with an experienced attorney.