Municipal Court

Municipal Court Attorney Serving Newark And All Of New Jersey

When dealing with a municipal court matter, many people are tempted to handle it themselves. They want to save money and they think that the issues they will deal with in the municipal court will not be significant enough to have a severe impact on their lives. But the reality of municipal court is often much more complicated than the average person realizes. The legal process is complex, and mistakes can be costly both now and far into the future.

Attorney David L. Soffer offers assistance to clients who want to minimize the impact of municipal court matters on their lives. For a reasonable price, he can take over the heavy lifting and ensure that everything that needs to be done is done – and done right. As an attorney, his obligation is to the client. He will use all of his experience and training to get the best possible outcome he can for the people that he serves.

Handling All Municipal Court Matters

David L. Soffer can assist with all legal matters in municipal court, including traffic offenses, DWI/DUI, possession of marijuana, simple assault, wandering/loitering, disorderly conduct, local ordinances and more. From the initial consultation to paperwork and representation in court, he guides clients through the legal process while looking out for their best interests.

The Law Office of David L. Soffer offers a free initial consultation for clients to discuss their circumstances and learn about their legal options. If you are facing a legal challenge and you want to protect yourself and your rights, it is worthwhile to talk to a professional who has real-world insight into the problem you are dealing with. Please contact our firm today to schedule your consultation.

The Law Office of David L. Soffer serves clients in Newark and throughout the entire state of New Jersey.