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Criminal convictions make it hard to lead a normal life. No matter how much a person has turned his or her life around, having the bad mark on record can make it difficult or impossible to take advantage of all that life has to offer. Financial aid packages, voting, employment, owning a firearm – there are a lot of things that people with criminal records are cut off from, rights and opportunities that make life easier and more enjoyable. It only makes sense that those with criminal records would like to erase those records if at all possible.

Attorney David L. Soffer works with clients who want to get their records expunged in New Jersey. He takes a careful look at the circumstances of each client to determine the best way to clear up the record, and then does what is necessary to go through the expungement process. Strict rules govern expungement, which is why it is so important for individuals who want to clear up their records to contact an attorney about their options.

The expungement process does not permanently delete the criminal record, but it does “hide” it so that the record is not accessible and cannot negatively impact the life of the client. However, getting the various government agencies to expunge a record is not a simple matter. It requires asking a Superior Court Judge to expunge the record – a task that is most easily accomplished with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Attorney David L. Soffer can help you understand the rules surrounding expungement and how they apply to your situation. He offers a free initial consultation, so you can talk about your case at no cost to you. Please contact David Soffer today to learn more about your expungement options.