DWI/DUI Attorney Serving Newark And All Of New Jersey

No matter what the circumstances, law enforcement in New Jersey always take driving under the influence seriously. As eager as the police are to arrest and charge drivers with DUI, prosecutors are even more tenacious in their pursuit of conviction. Drivers who are caught in the cross hairs of the authorities are at a considerable disadvantage, and can expect heavy fines, loss of driving privileges and possibly jail time should they be convicted.

The impacts of a DUI conviction can last for years, making it more difficult to take care of oneself, family members and to obtain and maintain employment. And should the driver who was convicted once get caught again, the punishments become much more significant upon conviction. It only takes a few repeated mistakes to permanently ruin someone’s life.

DUI attorney David L. Soffer has seen how difficult the lives of DUI offenders can become, particularly when they try to go it alone through the court system. He offers his services at a reasonable price to people from all walks of life so they can get much-needed help when facing DUI charges. Hiring an attorney is an investment in the future of the client, something that David tries to make potential clients understand when they come in for their free consultation. No matter how confident the client feels, it is always advisable to hire a DUI attorney.

Mistakes are often made in the arrest of DUI clients, mistakes that can be useful when trying to get charges reduced or dropped. If you or a loved one has been charged with a DWI/DUI in Newark or anywhere in New Jersey, please contact the Law Office of David L. Soffer now. Schedule your free consultation, and ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.